Pedals for the Apocalypse

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

When the SHTF you better consider your pedal choices for the Zombie Apocalypse wisely. Being clipped in may help you keep up on your weekend group rides or during your CAT 6 commutes, but during ZA they will be more of a liability and here’s why:

Ride and Run

On the day to end all days you will be doing more than just pedaling down the bike path whistlin’ Dixie. You’ll be running, jumping, wading and bounding up stairs to get where you need to be. Your clipless pedals, even if they’re recessed MTB cleats, are going to be a hindrance. You’ll be sliding around when you need traction and making noise when you need to be quiet. You are better off with platforms and versatile shoes or boots during the Zombie Apocalypse. To accommodate the range of footwear you’ll be wearing, BMX flat pedals will serve you better than fancy road quills. At the very least, if you must have clipless, keep a pair of dual-sided pedals handy.

No Bike Shops in the Apocalypse

Hate to break it to you, but Nashbar or your LBS probably won’t be operational. With all the running you’ll be doing, you’ll be more prone to wearing out your cleats and with no replacements available you better have a plan B. Going beyond pedals, you’ll want to have at least a flat repair kit on your bicycle at all times and a small stash of consumables like tubes, tires, brake pads and cables. Now is the time to also take that bicycle repair class you’ve been meaning to take at the local bike co-op.

The gear that works for you know may act to your detriment in a disaster survival situation. Be sure to have a bug-out bike ready at all times or have everything you need to convert your bike into disaster mode at a moment’s notice.

  1. Joyce says:

    Russ et al., what kind of shoes do you wear? I tend to wear very thin-soled shoes, and those pedals look kinda painful. Our Xtracycle has some big plastic slightly nubby things that have toe cages (not sure if that was intended, but the cages fit) and work beautifully without them on the reverse side. I wish I could find another pair of pedals just like them, but haven’t had luck thus far.

  2. EthanPDX says:

    A nice pairing: 5.10 FiveTennies with stealth rubber soles. Great traction on almost any pedal and extra sure footing off bike, even in slick decomposing zombie flesh.

    • Joyce says:

      Ah! Unfortunately those are a little narrow for my foot (I spent a lot of time barefoot). I do like their available colors; a pretty blue, and bile green. 😉

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